We are an authorized MetroPCS dealer and service center. Since 1999 we have been working with MetroPCS providing distribution services, sales, and service for their customer base.

Smartphonefix can repair MetroPCS cellular telephones, Androids, and Blackberrys that have received damage due to being smashed, broken cellular telephone screen or LCD, broken digitizer, and anything that can happen to a MetroPCS phone, Android, or Blackberry from normal wear and tear.

Our technicians have been repairing cellular phones since the early 1990s when cellular telephones were the size of bricks, had only a simple motherboard, and LED display. We have been repairing MetroPCS telephones since 2001; repairing the Android cellular telephones and Blackberry which are essentially a computer with an internet connection in the palm of your hand.

Smartphonefix can repair the old and new MetroPCS cellular telephones and Androids. No repair is too big or small for us to handle.  We also have the capability of recovering data from smashed and water damaged MetroPCS phones, Androids, and Iphones.

We repair MetroPCS models Huawei M860 Ascend, MetroPCS Huawei Activa M920, MetroPCS Samsung Admire R720, MetroPCS Samsung R910 Indulge, MetroPCS LG Esteem Ms-910, MetroPCS LG Connect Ms-840, MetroPCS Huawei M835, all Iphone models, and past MetroPCS, AT&T, SprintPCS, and Verizon phones at our repair center in Miami Beach.

Our company has over twenty years experience repairing Motorola, Samsung, Apple IPhone, Samsung cellular phones, Samsung Androids, LG cellular telephones, HTC Androids and smart phones, LG Androids, Huawei Androids, Nokia, Blackberry, and other major brands.

Most MetroPCS and other telephones can be repaired within 24 hours of receipt. We also offer the convenience of receiving your MetroPCS cellular telephone at the repair center via USPS, UPS, or Federal Express. Phones that are shipped to our location will be returned to your location via USPS priority mail free of charge.